Adventure Outfitters

Six short years ago, I was referred to Leon Watts owner of Adventure Outfitters to certify my wife Melissa as an open water diver. Knowing she was less than comfortable in the water, we were interested in a patient, hands on instructor who really TAUGHT his students instead of handing out certifications based on written tests and little practical application. As luck would have it, Leon fit the bill and more – as this experience turned out to be the start of a mutually successful business relationship and friendship.

In the year following Melissa’s certification through Leon, I was in a position to expand my offshore fishing charter business to include diving. With the first 2 SHEA, a 24 foot center console, my platform looked very different than the ones Leon had been accustomed to but Leon took a risk and came onboard…and we have been running every dive charter since for Adventure Outfitters.  The rewards have been fruitful for two dedicated small business owners, as a  third 2 SHEA is in the works for 2 SHEA Charters and Adventure Outfitters is in a brand new location which draws a steady crowd of repeat clients year after year.

Besides being a fantastic instructor and dive shop owner, Leon helps others pursue trips of a lifetime, including climbs, safari, scuba and free diving in Central/South America, Africa and Asia. He has a passion for adventure, and delivers his services flawlessly while offering on the best gear and instruction in the area.  Get to know Leon at Adventure Outfitters, 4336 Manhattan Avenue in South Tampa.