Captain Brian

captbrian-300x225Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I’ve been fishing the Gulf and inshore waters since I was 5 years   old. I would come down to Florida on vacation with my grandparents and this is how I actually met Captain TJ. I’ve been fortunate (or unfortunate) to have been friends with him throughout the years.  I eventually moved down to Tampa in 2007 to further my professional career and to be closer to the water.
I started working as a dedicated mate over the weekends on the “2Shea” which would sometimes lead to me taking a “sick” day here and there during the week. After meeting some other local spearfishermen, I was invited to join the St. Petersburg Underwater Club (SPUC) where I’m currently an officer. The club hosts the world’s largest spearfishing tournament known as the St. Pete Open. Between diving off of the “2Shea” and with other more experienced SPUC members, my knowledge for the local fishery greatly increased. I’ve been fortunate to catch/shoot some very nice fish along with seeing some pretty cool things through the years. In 2013, I obtained my U.S. Coast Guard OUPV (6-pack) license and began running fishing and spearfishing trips on the “2Shea”.

Every trip I try to make sure my customers have fun and arrive back at the dock safely (I’ve learned you get better tips when you bring everyone back) along with catching some fish. When I’m not running the “2Shea”, I’m usually underwater somewhere in the Gulf.