ILMOR Marine

2 SHEA Charter’s newest vessel is powered by two ILMOR Marine 382 hp MV8 6.0 liter Ocean Performance Series gas inboards. This was probably the most difficult decision in the building process, as with Ilmor we are charting our own course, not following in those more traditional with the leading marine engine makes.

Ilmor Marine is backed by a prestigious reputation of nearly three decades of racing success on land and sea – most notably, 250+ IndyCar race wins – including 17 Indy 500 victories – 44 Formula One victories, and 7 Offshore Powerboat World Championships.  The high performance technology Ilmor has perfected on the track has been engineered into every marine engine they build, including those in our new 42’ Dorado.

For instance, Ilmor’s MV8 6.0 liter engines are built with variable valve timing – which gives a much-needed boost of low-end torque to get out of the water, while still allowing for higher-end RPMs and speed.  And Ilmor packs all that horsepower and torque into a much smaller, lighter block than the competition allowing for more usable deck space. If you don’t believe me, ask Mike at Dorado. His team was convinced the order from Ilmor was wrong since the packaging they received was so compact and light.  Not so, and that is what sets Ilmor apart – cutting edge design and engineering.

At the heart of this partnership are the benefits Ilmor’s products offer me to continue to serve my clients with SPEED and CLEAN AIR. At the helm of our custom 42’ Dorado, we will run fast and far powered by durable, fuel efficient, clean-running gas engines that have passed EPA, CARB, and even the strictest European emissions regulations.

Though Ilmor Marine is relatively new to the commercial side of marine engines, I am confident I have partnered with the best in their industry just as we take pride in being the best in ours.