Simply put the best electronics on the market for what I do. Bottom fishing and spear fishing is all about the spots and without my Raymarine and the HD digital bottom machine, I would not have as many quality numbers as I do. I am able to paint bottom and accurately interpret what I am running over at speeds up to 38mph. I have had numerous customers and other captains out with me that run every other name brand electronics on the market and they are always amazed at my ability to find 1 foot ledges while running almost 40mph. The GPS is accurate and updates quickly, the radar is very good, and the unit is easy to operate. But what it all comes down to is knowing what you are fishing on and in my opinion none of the competitors come close. If more people ran Raymarine I would not have to deal with boats constantly running within shouting distance while hitting the Man Overboard Button. If you ran Raymarine on your boat, you would be finding your own fishing/diving spots, instead of trying to steal mine 🙂