SCUBA Diving Clearwater, FL

Dive In to the Gulf – The 2 Shea Way! Unless you enjoy slowly making your way out to dive spots in a cattle-boat cramped with 10-20 strangers surrounded in a fog of diesel fumes…it’s time you give the 2 SHEA a try. The 2 SHEA philosophy is simple. Your dive trip is not just the time spent underwater. From the moment you book till the time you return to the dock we strive to excel in every area. We get to know our divers so the experience brings you back time again. With our captains at the helm, you’ll cruise your way into to the Gulf of Mexico with only a select few other divers. Relax in a marine bean bag chair as you share past underwater experiences with a few new dive buddies. Once at anchor, dive in to see the plentiful life including turtles, tangs, butterflies, queen angels, eagle rays, goliath grouper, and schools of amberjack. Home to one of the country’s largest artificial reef programs, our dive sites in the Gulf hold an assortment of life that make every dive exciting. It’s not uncommon to be joined by pods of playful dolphins or better yet, 3 enormous Whale Sharks passing by. “I don’t think that [diving with Whale Sharks] is something I would have encountered if I chose to go to Rainbow River or one of the freshwater springs.” You never know what you may encounter out with us, but that is part of the thrill in diving the Gulf Of Mexico. Give us a try and you’ll see why 2 SHEA Charters is the dive company of choice for the most reputable local dive shops including Diver City SCUBA, Adventure Outfitters, Macs Sports, and Infinite Descent. We look forward to bringing you with us the next time you decide to enjoy a day on and in the water.