mark2-29-2012Congratulations! You’ve found the preeminent charter company in the Tampa Bay area with the market cornered on spearfishing.  2 Shea Charters isn’t just a spear friendly charter, but an actual spearfishing juggernaut.


Each and every captain you’ll encounter aboard the 2 Shea is an avid shooter, so we run our trips the same way we do when going out on our own.  Our motto when spearing is simple: if you approach each dive realizing that you are away from your worries and blowing bubbles, every dive will be enjoyable whether you shoot something or not.  It just so happens that with us the “NOT” is rare.

Where we go: The waters off Clearwater offer the most target rich environment anywhere in the state.  No matter the season there are always a variety of species to hunt like grouper, snapper, hogfish, and amberjack. We take you to the low ledges and broken hardpan that are difficult to find, increasing your chances to not only enjoy a relaxing dive but also bring home dinner.

How our trips work: we try and offer multiple drops, giving you the best opportunity to descend on those spots unseen by divers in quite awhile.

Novice – You DO NOT have to be an experienced spearfisherman to come out and shoot with us.  The only way to learn proper spearing and etiquette is by example. We offer real classes that include actual dives with very experienced shooters where we teach the little tricks and tips that you can only learn in the water.  If you have shot in the past and would like to increase your knowledge, our regulars don’t mind sharing what has helped them improve over the years.

Experienced – For the exceptional shooter, our boats hold the federal reef permit allowing you to shoot up to the boat’s limit of 6.  This is especially important when that trophy fish swims and you can pull the trigger instead of worrying about reaching your limit of a species.

The proof is in the pictures, take a look at our Facebook page and you will be sure to get a hold of us to book your next trip.