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Circle of Heroes

If you are interested in diving the Circle of Heroes please book the 2 tank dive trip and let us know by writing in the comments section that you want to go to this site as one of your 2 dives

Let us take you to the new Circle Of Heroes dive spot at Veterans Reef.  Located 10 miles west of Clearwater in 40 feet of water we are the closest and fastest dive charter in the area to this ground breaking dive destination.  Currently the site consists of 12 concrete life size statues depicting men and women from each of the five service branches.

The statues are arranged in a circle with a pentagon shaped memorial with bronze emblems in the center.  The bases of the statues contain plaques with the names of service members and all have scrub brush attached so that divers can help keep the statues clean.  Navigating the site is very easy as there is a chain joining all the statues and the pentagon.  We were fortunate to be one of the very first divers on the site the day after they were placed in the Gulf.  It has been educational watching how fast life has grown on this spot since they were sunk this past summer.  12 more statues will join these at some point in 2020.

All of our dive trips are 2 tanks in less than 60 feet and we try and dive one wreck and one reef or natural ledge.  Dive spots are NOT chosen until that morning unless we are going to the Circle Of Heroes.  Unfortunately, we do not have protected dive spots in the Gulf of Mexico so we cannot guarantee anything other than the Circle of Heroes.  There will be a dive guide in the water on all dives and there is no charge to dive with the dive guide.  They do work on gratuities so all we ask is to please take care of them if they help enhance your dive experience.  If you would like to hire a private divemaster to dive with, that option is available on the booking app and it is $100 for 1 person or $150 for more then 1 diver. We understand that recently most dive agencies recommend doing a refresher or reactive class if you have not been diving in 2 years.  If this is the case and you are interested we know many excellent dive shops or independent instructors in the area to help with this. Visibility and weather conditions vary depending on the time of year as well as the current conditions.  We do not go out if we think visibility is going to be poor or if we think that the trip will not be enjoyable.  If that is the case we will fully refund you or rebook you if you are able.  Your safety and enjoyment are the most important parts of a dive with us and we will do everything we can to accomplish that.   We have any and every option for dive gear and tanks available to rent.  They are located at the dock and you do not need to come by before your trip to try anything on.  All gear is given out the morning of the dive at the boats.  Trips last 4-5 hours depending on where we go and the speed of our divers.  We are not able to guarantee nitrox as we do not fill that on-site.  If you request it and we only have air we will refund you the difference.  Nitrox will come from a partner dive shop and will be 32%.