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2 Tank Spearfishing Charter

Head out into the waters off the coast of Clearwater and catch your dinner!

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Gulf Coast Spearfishing Trips

Our spearfishing charters put us on the map years ago and are what has helped propel us to the largest and busiest dive charter on the West Coast of Florida!  We have been running spearing trips longer than anyone else in our area and have 3 boats with both the state of Florida as well as the Federal Reef and Pelagic fishing permits.  You do NOT need your own fishing license with us.  That is the difference between a legal charter and 1 that is running illegally.  Our trips accommodate both experienced as well as brand new spearos. In our opinion the best way to learn is on boats with a mixture of divers who are willing to share the knowledge they have gained over the years. We promote safety first and foremost and that is why our regulars choose to come out with us.  Our trips are run for how spearing is now, not years ago when sizes and limits were much more favorable to us anglers.  Minimum lengths on everything have gone up significantly while at the same time bag limits and fishing seasons have been reduced.  Overflowing fish boxes for the most part are a thing of the past so if you are going fishing you must have the mindset that spearing is simply a 2 tank dive with the opportunity for a fresh catch dinner.  Even if you don’t return with a full stringer you enjoyed a great day on the water while meeting new people that enjoy the same hobby as you.  That being said, it’s fair to say we have a long history of giving everyone the opportunity to shoot quality fish and that hasn’t changed.

Spearing classes……

If you have never speared before or are unfamiliar with the rules and size limits regarding our fish in the Gulf of Mexico you MUST take a spearfishing class to come out with us.  The class is taught the same day as your trip. It begins when you arrive to the dock with one of our spearfishing instructors. Your instructor will teach you safety, proper spearing etiquette, and our local regulations. They will do both dives with you and filet the fish you spear after the trip. It includes a speargun rental, dedicated instructor who also is your dive buddy, good eyes underwater helping you to determine what to shoot and cleaning your fish at the dock. They will provide you with a wealth of information on spearguns, fishing rules, tricks of the sport and more.  We used to teach classes in dive shops in the past, but the only way to truly learn in this sport is in the water. Doing the dives with an experienced instructor is the best way to begin your spearing

Not all spearfishing charters have an instructor available. When you sign up you need to request an instructor by checking the box below that you need an instructor.

A higher level of dive proficiency is required to safely spearfish, if during the trip the instructor does not feel you have mastered buoyancy, spacial awareness or basic dive skills they may inform you that you can not spearfish.

If a spearfishing instructor is not available for the day of your dive, we will notify you prior to the trip, then the trip will become a normal 2 tank dive trip.

We enjoy teaching new shooters the proper and safe way to spearfish and have been doing this for the last 18 years, but we have a limited amount of instructors, we are selective on who is qualified to teach. The class is $150.

Spearguns are only provided if you are taking a class. We cannot rent spearguns, our insurance does not allow it.

Capt TJ