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2 Tank Spearfishing Charter

Head out into the waters off the coast of Clearwater and catch your dinner!

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Spear Fishing Diver
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Gulf Coast Spearfishing Trips

Our spearfishing trips are the backbone of our company that has helped propel us to the biggest and busiest dive charter on the West Coast of Florida! Whether you are an avid and experienced spear fisherman or have never pulled the trigger before, we have the ability to run the trip that best fits you.

For the experienced seasoned shooter, our boats hold the federal reef and pelagic permits allowing you to shoot up to the boat’s limit of 6. This is especially important when that trophy fish swims by after you have already reached your limit of a species. We do multiple drops when the trips allow and try our best to offer a trip as close to you and your buddies on your boat as we can.

Never pulled a trigger before but want to give it a try or start a new hobby? We will teach you! We truly enjoy watching our clients improve their abilities in a sport that takes time to get good. Most companies want nothing to do with you, but we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. We would rather you learn the proper way to Spearfish then go it alone somewhere else. Our instructors are fantastic and will teach you gun safety, etiquette and then how to shoot legal fish. You do not need a gun as one is provided when you take a class with us. All spearfishing requires you to already have your dive certification and you must be comfortable in the water with good buoyancy. Please bring your card with you to the dock on your first outing. We only give out spear guns when you take the class. Due to increased liabilities we do not rent or loan out spear guns. Once again, if you pay for a spear class with one of our instructors you do not need a gun as we will provide one. If you DO NOT sign up for a spear class you will need to have your own spear gun as we do not rent nor loan our guns out.

Capt TJ